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Full Time Education Consultant (Tutor and SmartyScholars Manager)

Perfect for graduate students, students with light schedules, and gap-year students planning to be in Baltimore this summer. The bulk of the job would be spent managing teams of tutors who work directly with SmartyScholars. We would begin training these candidates in the late Spring or early summer. This would be a salaried position ($45,000/year). During the school year the schedule would be 12-8p M-Th plus a weekend commitment (no work on Friday!) and during the summer 9-5:30p Monday through Friday.


SmartyScholars Tutor (Paid Internship)

Perfect for students and alumni with open summer schedules and plans to be in Baltimore this summer. These candidates will be working directly with our SmartyScholars in a 1-on-1 and small group setting (max 4 students). This position will receive a stipend ($2,000). The schedule for the summer would be 9-2p Monday through Friday July to Mid August. We will also offer tutoring positions to interns, if interested, for the spring and fall/winter semesters.


SmartyScholars Helper (Unpaid Internship/volunteer hours)

Perfect for students looking for community volunteer hours, or international students who have less than a year on their visas, or students and alum who just want to give back to the Baltimore community. These interns will help the program run smoothly by setting up lunches, picking up meals, making sure students not in 1-on-1 sessions are on task, running fun group activities at the end of the day, and being a sort of teaching assistant to the tutors who work directly with the students throughout the day. This position will be unpaid. The schedule for the summer would be 9:30-2:30p Monday through Friday July to Mid-August. Minimum commitment for volunteers is two consecutive weeks or 50 hours.