Who we are

SmartyScholars is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to cultivating a meritocratic society by identifying bright but disadvantaged students and investing in their prospects for success.  Started by Streamline Tutors, a test-prep company in Baltimore, the SmartyScholars team is made up of education professionals with proven outcomes. Our tutoring methods and our skill-based test prep software reliably deliver 190+ points of improvement on the SAT and 5+ points of improvement on the ACT. We are dedicated to making transformative instruction available to as many students as possible.

What we do

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SmartyScholars Scholarship
Students with strong GPAs, high intellectual aptitude, and demonstrated need can apply for the SmartyScholars Scholarship.  Scholarship recipients will receive 5-months of intensive 1-on-1 tutoring with a test prep specialist, a $2,500 value, at zero cost to their families.
If you’d like to apply for the scholarship, please fill out the application here.
School Partnership
The school partnership is intended for schools that have 50% or more students on free or reduced price school meals.
Internship Program
The SmartyScholars internship is a 10-week summer program. Twenty Scholars from each of our partner schools attend the internship twice a week, where they receive one-on-one tutoring hours and skill-building sessions on SmartyPrep, our gamified test prep software.
SmartyPrep Challenges
All students at partnership schools have access to the SmartyPrep app, which provides a holistic path towards reading, grammar, and math mastery.  Teachers at partner schools have access to SmartyPrep and are able to leverage the technology during class or in after school programs.  Weekly SmartyPrep challenges run school-wide, which motivate student participation with gift cards. Scholars who complete the internship program act as peer tutors for the rest of the student body during Challenges.
Primer Course
The school partnership also includes  “primer courses,” which provide 50+ students 5 hours of test tips and instruction in a classroom setting the week before an official exam. Primer courses have consistently produced a 50+ point lift on the SAT after 5 hours of instruction.  
If you are interested in becoming a partner school, please fill out the this form and we will reach out shortly.
Stats and Outcomes
  • Number of Scholars we’ve worked with: 15
  • Average score increase: 190+ points on the SAT, 5+ points on the ACT
  • Colleges our Scholars have gained admission to: Georgetown, University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins
  • Scholarship money received by Scholars: $10,000

Meet the team

Board of Directors

Ian Siegel - President

Vanderbilt University

Jack Schneider

Bates College

Stephen Simons

College of William and Mary

Ian Siegel - President

Vanderbilt University

Molly Brambil - Treasurer

Johns Hopkins University