Who We Are

SmartyScholars is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to cultivating a meritocratic society by identifying bright but disadvantaged students and investing in their prospects for success. Started by Streamline Tutors, a test-prep company in Baltimore, the SmartyScholars team is made up of education professionals with proven outcomes. Our tutoring methods and our skill-based test prep software reliably deliver 190+ points of improvement on the SAT and 5+ points of improvement on the ACT. We are dedicated to making transformative instruction available to as many students as possible.

How it Works

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Sponsoring High Schools
  • Selected high school students from sponsoring schools become tutors where they will be matched with one underprivileged middle school student.

  • Peer tutors meet with a SmartyScholars program manager weekly to reinforce best practices and troubleshoot impediments to learning.
  • Paired tutors will meet 20 hours over the summer (two 1-hour sessions every week), which may continue to the year for one hour a week.
  • Tutors will be given full access to Smarty Prep where they can learn to integrate their learning to tutoring sessions.
Receiving Title 1 Middle Schools
  • Selected middle school students are connected to a peer tutor from a high school and provided with full
    access to Smarty Prep.

  • Students are given the opportunity to enhance reading/writing/math skills through a 1-on-1 interaction with a
    high school tutor.

  • Paired students will meet 20 hours over the summer (two 1-hour sessions every week), which may continue to
    the year for one hour a week.

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A feedback loop with innovation

Our research guides our innovation. And our innovation guides our research. Within the modalities of 1-on-1 tutoring and adaptive skill-building practice, we will continue to refine the most effective approaches to learning while increasing access to them among high-need populations.

Meet the team

Ian Siegel - President

Vanderbilt University

Raymond Perez

Johns Hopkins University

Carly Zekanoski - Director of Development

University of Central Florida